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6/9/2005 8:08:12 AM
North Bay
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The NORTH BAY Elimination took place Thurday May 26 @ Wylders Music Hall. The event also featured a MC Battle and a B-Boy Battle.
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Hosted by: DJ StatixXx (Jitter Jaw /
Event DJ: DJ Ashley

COMPETING DJs (in order of appearance):
DJ N8 (The Krumb Snatchers)
DJ Spéd Frék (Kinetic Evolution, Jitter Jaw)
Kuttin’ Korners (Legit Trix)
Hardattack (Subsonic Sound)
Shim (Lucky Beat Productions)
Prophecies (N.M.E. Crew)
Skratch Bastid (1200 Hobos)
DJ Trapment
Kemozabi (FBI JedEyez)

T.H.E. Hitman (Acclaim Sound & Lighting)
DJ Majestyk (Jitter Jaw Productions)
Eugene Mauro (Bell World)
Tim Bionda (Wylders)
Detox (Mudsharks / Hoodwink)

1st Place: Skratch Bastid
2nd Place: Kemozabi
3rd Place: Kuttin' Korners

DMC Canada would like to thank Johnny Feedback & Wylders & The Zoo for bringing the DMC's to North Bay. We would also like to thank the local sponsors for their support: Acclaim Sound and Lighting, Heineken, Bell World, Mudshark, Thirteen 12 Tattoo, Legit Trix, Enterprises & Green Kingdom.

View Photos of the North Bay Event.


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