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Revolution to play Genesis, TurboGrafx games

4/2/2006 11:52:40 am by CarlJ
From GameSpot:
"Next-gen Nintendo console's game-download service will span not just decades but former competitors' classic systems."

(Beastie) Boys on Film

3/23/2006 10:04:18 pm by CarlJ
I just ran across this interview over at Wired Magazine with Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, where he talks about their feature file, "Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That!".
The best part of the interview has to be when Yauch mentions what they did with their Hi8 cameras after they were done with them.

The Simpsons get Real

3/5/2006 3:45:26 pm by CarlJ
According to The Sun Online, The Simpsons opening scene has been filmed using real people and will be used as a promo for the show's 17th season.

The scenes which were filmed over 18 months in Britain, closely resemble the original title scene starting with the view of the town behind the nuclear power plant and then zooming into the classroom through the window to see Bart writing "I will not eat things for money" on the chalk board, and ends with the family squished on the couch (The Sun calls it a "settee"?) ready to watch the cartoon version.

Even though the original article mentions that "The clip re-enacts the title sequence to a tee ...", there are a few differences. First off, the most obvious difference, other than it being re-enacted by humans, is that it's filmed in Britain  Other notable differences include Homer placing the nuclear waste on the table before leaving for work (but then takes it out of the back of his shirt while driving), to the grocery cost not being displayed after Maggie is scanned.

Click more to view the opening scene.

"Chips that really get under your skin"

2/10/2006 7:08:35 pm by CarlJ
"Without the white headphones, how will anyone know you're listening to an iPod?"
CNet's is reporting that Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) had developed a chip that is placed in the forearm, which would send the audio signal through the arm to the earphone. Other reports can be found here and here.

Hawtin to open Winter Olympics

2/10/2006 6:03:49 pm by CarlJ
According to IDJ, Richie Hawtin (aka: Plastikman) will be opening the 2006 Winter Olympics today in Torino, Italy.
At the 2004 Summer Olympics, Tiesto made dance music history by being the first DJ to perform at an Olympic ceremony.

TB-303 Give-Aways from Propellerheads and d-lusion

9/5/2005 6:09:15 pm by CarlJ
I just ran across this article over on
"Good news for those of you who are into music synthesizers: Propellerheads has opened its Rebirth Museum and gives away the 'revolutionary' software simulation of the classic Roland TB-303. Interestingly, that happened just a day after the small German company d-lusion released another 'legendary' TB-303 simulator called Rubberduck as a free give-away."

Synthesizer pioneer, Bob Moog dies at 71

8/22/2005 10:03:28 pm by CarlJ is reporting that Bob Moog, the guy who put "tech" into techno has died at his home in Asheville at the age of 71.
An interview with him in April can be found here, more information about him can be found over at wikipedia, and to read about the impact that he has had on musicians, you can visit his guestbook.

We'll miss you.

7/17/2005 7:09:13 pm by CarlJ
For those of you who haven't heard, a very good friend of many members of this site, Serena, has passed away in here sleep on Friday, July 15th 2005.
Visitation will be held at McGuinty Funeral Home Tuesday 2-4 & 7-9 P.M and the funeral service will be conducted in the funeral home chapel Wednesday at 11:15 A.M.

Serena is one of the greatest people that I've ever had the privilege of knowing, and consider a friend. As many of you on here already know, she was the "life of the party", and was able to make anyone smile and laugh. It's really sad, when such a great person like her is taken from us in her early years.

Serena, you will truly be missed by all that have been in your presence.

Yahoo Introduces Competitor for iTunes

5/11/2005 3:00:05 pm by CarlJ
I just ran across this over at
"After a year in development, Yahoo has launched its competitor to Apple's iTunes and Napster To Go, a subscription and download music service priced at only $4.99 per month. Tracks are offered in 192Kbps WMA, and can be transferred to portable devices.
Ian C. Rogers, formerly from Nullsoft (makers of Winamp) led the build of the media player, and has posted "my thoughts on why someone should or shouldn't use the Yahoo! Music Engine" on his blog.

Gaming with a purpose

4/27/2005 5:00:21 pm by Mistah_Mahshall
It's been a while since I've submitted a story but this is interesting The biggest complaint in MMORPGs is 3rd party item selling. People paying real money for in game items or in game money. Sony's solution, cut out the middle man. They are attempting to create servers where you can buy or sell items without worry of being 'ripped off' through a client run by Sony, for a fee.

Leave it to the Professionals

4/21/2005 11:45:00 am by CarlJ
Here's further proof, that some things should really be left to the professionals, and not be attempted at home.
Click more to view the article in it's entirety.

Prototype Numark iPod DJ Mixer

4/17/2005 11:21:22 am by CarlJ
I just ran across this article over at create digital music that I think any iPod fan will find interesting.
Supposedly details have leaked out about a prototype Numark DJ mixer, that can mix not 1, but 2 iPods.
Click more to see a picture.

Interviews with 3 Electronic Maestros

4/2/2005 8:52:03 pm by CarlJ
New Scientist interviews 3 pioneers of electronic music:Bob Moog, the inventor of the first commercial synthesizer, the Moog; Australian Peter Vogel, creator of the first electronic sampler, the Fairlight (16 bit sampling in 1979!); and Dave Smith, the father of MIDI.

Pez to Dispense Music instead of Sweets

4/2/2005 1:42:18 pm by CarlJ has a story on Lincoln West Studios entering a licensing agreement with Pez Candy to manufacture MP3 players based on the popular candy dispenser format. As the devices will be compatible with the line of detachable heads, including the latest Star Wars character heads, this new product could be a hit with both the candy an the gadget crowds. I bet the idea also ignites creativity in many who wonder how they could insert the guts of small MP3 players such as the iPod Shuffle into various objects. The designer of the Pez MP3 player says his inspiration was the Altoid tin can.

Pet store owner: Satan's image on turtle's shell

3/21/2005 8:01:47 pm by CarlJ
From the this-has-to-be-made-up department, I ran across this article over at
"An Indiana pet store owner says he sees the image of Satan on the shell of a turtle that was the only survivor of a store fire in October."

Italian DJ hit with record MP3 piracy fine

3/21/2005 9:52:41 am by CarlJ
I just found this article over at The Industry Standard.
"An Italian DJ is being slapped with a record fine of 1.4 million Euros (US$1.8 million) after being caught with what are believed to be thousands of pirated MP3 music files and hundreds of illegally downloaded video clips, an international recording industry group said Thursday."

Would You Pay 5 Cents For a Song?

3/9/2005 12:39:01 pm by CarlJ
An academic at McGill University has a simple plan to stop the plague of unauthorized music downloads on the Internet. But it entails changing the entire music industry as we know it, and Apple Computers, which may have the power to make the change, is listening.

Bars hold iPod nights for iDrunk DJs

2/24/2005 2:43:11 pm by CarlJ
I just ran across this article over at the Register.
Pubs and clubs around the globe have started holding iPod nights where customers can bring in their devices, plug into the house music system and DJ for a period of time. One such iParty will take place this Saturday at the Progress Bar in London.

Napster Has Been Cracked

2/17/2005 8:49:33 am by CarlJ
I just came across this story over at "Users have found a way to skirt copy protection on Napster Inc's portable music subscription service just days after its high-profile launch, potentially letting them make CDs with hundreds of thousands of songs for free..."

Beastie Boys' New Album Silently Installs DRM Code

6/20/2004 9:24:39 pm by CarlJ
"After more than five years, the Beastie Boys have released a new album. It seems that the retail disc is bundled with a copy protection autoinstaller which silently silently puts itself onto the listener's computer. Many listeners are up in arms and some are venting their frustrations on the band's website."

The DDR Workout

5/28/2004 9:20:38 pm by CarlJ
An AP news story just released says that Dance Dance Revolution is becoming the weight-loss routine of choice for many young gamers. One quote says '"At first I was playing it for fun, but when you see results you're like, Yeah!" said Matt Keene, a 19-year-old from Charleston, South Carolina, who used to weigh more than 350 pounds and wear pants with a 48-inch waist.' It's for grown-ups too. Even Jason Enos, product manager at Konami Digital Entertainment-America, which distributes the game in the U.S., has lost 30 pounds playing the game. There's even a site for DDR wieght loss fans: - My wife and I have been playing for months now with this goal in mind, though we aren't yet seeing these results.

Napster Canada Launched

5/28/2004 9:19:10 pm by CarlJ
Just days after the Napster UK launch, Napster Canada is now online. Tracks start at CDN$1.19 and albums at CDN$9.95. Interactive streaming is also available for the first time in Canada for CDN$9.95 a month. Napster is the the third online music service to be launched in Canada (following PureTracks and ArchambaultZik), not including the branded Puretracks sites Sympatico Music Store and PureTracks from Telus.

Police break up international ecstasy ring

3/31/2004 11:04:31 pm by CarlJ
According to this article on, raids today in Canada and the U.S. broke up an international ecstasy cartel that an American official says was supplying 15 per cent of the drug in the United States.

Karen Tandy of the Drug Enforcement Agency said there were 170 arrests made Wednesday --  120 in the U.S., 50 in Canada; 29 of those arrested were in Ottawa.

Music Industry Loses In Canadian Downloading Case

3/31/2004 6:45:57 pm by CarlJ
Canada's music industry can't force Internet service providers to identify online music sharers, a Federal Court judge has ruled.' They wanted the Internet service companies like Sympatico, Rogers and Shaw to give them the real identities of the individuals so they could sue them for copyright infringement. They were seeking a court order requiring the companies to provide the information. But they didn't get it, so the Internet companies don't have to identify their clients and the music companies can't proceed with their lawsuits

Swallow.. it'll save your life

3/15/2004 7:28:00 pm by Mistah_Mahshall
as it seems, scientific research has now proven that women who perform fellatio have a LOWER chance of getting breast cancer.
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